How about you?

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So, first week back writing and I decided on how to look at motivating our team and getting what we need to from them while they feel and believe that what they doing ticks their boxes.

What about your boxes?

Every now and then I have to pause and remember why I started writing Deliaf.

This is about us as Entrepreneurs. This is about our trials and tribulations.

This is about us all moving forward together as individuals.

What motivates you?

Do you still love what you do?

Do you still get the benefits of doing what you do and why you do it?

If you take everything I wrote this last week and apply it to yourself over the weekend I want you to come back on Monday motivated to do what you are currently doing, or if need be, with a new reason and direction that will help you get all the benefits and motivation you need to continue.

Do you!


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