Can you be you?

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We all have idols or people we respect and aspire to be like.

This is the problem. You see in this world we are all unique. Only Elon can be Elon and Richard; Richard!

Only Jobs could be Jobs. Aspiring to be like them is ok but trying to be them is not.

You are you and you need to be the best you that you can be.

Most people spend so much time and money trying to be something or someone that they are not.

The message here is to learn what they did and how they do it; not who or what they are.

Learn from their methodologies. Learn from their tenacity and learn from their morals (unless it’s the Anthony Fauci maybe you should miss that lesson).

Be authentic.

No one wants a copy or a fake.

So, this weekend sit down and think about how you can be even better at being you. The good news is you arleady have the answers.

Being the best you will not only make you happier but should make you successful too.


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