How many times a day do you complain?

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Research shows we complain over 20 times a day!

That is a lot!

Imagine if you praised people 20 times a day?

Imagine complimenting good service 20 times a day?

Imagine telling people how happy you are 20 times a day?

You get it.

The reality is no one actually cares about your complaints. They have their own issues to deal with and taking on yours is not in their wheelhouse (unless it’s a shrink and you paying them to listen).

So why do we like to complain?

Well – it feels good – the problem is that although it may feel good to complain, it actually lowers your intelligence.

Yip, don’t take my word for it – researchers at Stanford have proven that complaining lowers your intelligence!

So, time to get clever and stop complaining – stop whining and just get on with it.

The main reason for complaining seems to be to get attention. It does work – but actually alienates people and colleagues – so you got the attention but it is negative!

Well, there are better ways to get attention – be relevant! Be interesting and productive. People will give you far more attention then.


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