The value of the older generation

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Photo: The Balance Careers

We don’t realize how valuable the older generation is!

The knowledge and experience they have is priceless. They may not be tech savvy and you will need to show patience and respect when dealing with them as this is how they roll!

I see ageism and prejudice towards the elder generation every day in business and the scary thing is old is defined as 40 plus!

The mistake that all these young entrepreneurs are making is that there isn’t a Google search or Siri request that could replace the knowledge that these people have insofar as life experience.

You see we all remember our parents telling us things like “If you don’t do this then that will happen” – what we don’t know at the time is that they are right. It will take 20 or even 30 years until you find yourself saying the same thing to your kids or nephews and nieces and having an “Aha moment”.

Don’t wait 20 years in your business, embrace and engage with the older, wiser and experienced generations.

You will be amazed that even though they don’t know how to add a Hashtag after a keyword on an Instagram post, they have knowledge of business that is priceless.


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