Where are you worth the most?

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In the right place!

You see – there is a right pace for everyone in this world.

So the value of you is dependent on where you are.

If you are paid a salary at a company – that is what you are worth to that company. This is not about you – this is about what they think that position and the output of the work you do is worth.

If you went somewhere else you may get offered less (or more).

What about in relationships? What are you worth to someone that you care about or who cares about you?

This is not a value in monetary terms – this is what your presence means to them.

If you were gone – would they miss you? Could they carry on? Could they replace you?

If you were gone would you miss them?

Value is bi-directional – and this is where so many of us get it wrong!

There has to be duality in every relationship – personal or professional.

So – where are you worth the most?

If you can answer this – then spend your time there or with those people, be where you are valued not where you are just a number.


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