Want to live a rich life?

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This is something I talk about all the time.

The answer is so simple.

Do what you love!

If you really love what you do you are living a rich life.

I often find myself asking this question:

“Do I love my work?”

The answer (so far) is yes.

For this I am rich.

I have so many friends, colleagues and customers that hate their jobs.

The knock on effect of this is that this sentiment creeps into their personal lives.

There is something to remember though.

This is not a fairytale (unless you think you are in the Matrix) so you will not love every aspect of your job.

It is important to remember this as the loving your work needs to be the overall feeling, not momental or situational.

I have always said to my team, if you ever wake up and go “Ah shit work today!” Don’t come in – send me a message and I will pay you out and you can go.

I have never had someone take me up on this and there are probably a number of reasons not that they all loved their jobs, but equally, when I have left companies I have had staff ask me to take them with, which on occasion I did and even worked it in to my offer from the new company.

This brings me to the last part: Love the people you work with too!

This is as important as no one wants a downer-dave or sulky-suzie in their teams or lives.

So ask yourself “Do you love what you do?”

If yes awesome, if not, maybe it’s time for change (or maybe just a break).


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