Do you know where pain comes from?

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It is self-inflicted.

Do you feel that you never quite achieve what you want?

Do you feel that you are never quite good enough or haven’t worked as hard as you should?

Do you climb the ladder but instead of seeing where you are you see where you aren’t?

I know you do. This is why your pain comes from you!

You see the problem is there actually is no end.

You can never cimb to the top – it doesnt exist.

There is not G.O.A.T – there will always be someone better.

This is a human trait – and you are not alone.

Where you can cull the pain is to accept this reality.

Accept what you have.
Be happy with your lot!

Just be happy and accept that you are where you are and there is no where else you need to be.

Stop looking upwards – stop looking at what you haven’t achieved but rather look down.

Look at what you have. Look at what you have achieved.

Look at all that you have. Remember even if it doesn’t seem like much – it is probably still more than 90 % of what the rest of the people in the world have.

Need some stats? Ok, in 2021 the average adult in the USA earned $24k a year with a retained net worth of around $100k.

So if you are above this you are doing very very well! If you are not then you are not alone and focus on you and what yo can do to change things.

Remember change is not an overnight but an over time journey.

Hope this makes you feel better about where you are in your journey.


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