Want the answer to a 1000 problems?

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I would like to say “42” but that’s a different chat for another day.

Given that today is Friday the 13th there are a lot of people that are triskaidekaphobic I thought today’s post may come in hand.

It’s actually very simple:


We spend so much time worrying about stuff, most of which are things we can’t control.

So, don’t!

Worried about whether people will like what you wearing? Do you wonder if something bad is waiting around the corner? What about questioning if you are good enough to do the task at hand?


Worrying causes all kinds of emotional, physiological and physical strain on our bodies. It messes with our mood, stops us sleeping and puts strain on our relationships.

Now as simple as this instruction may be, I know it is not that simple. After all we are humans and we are predisposed to think and behave this way.

But… Don’t!

The sooner you can learn to dismiss the negativity, not only will you feel better, but you will be able to focus on what you are supposed to be doing and then see the results you were worried about not getting.

A famous running shoe brand has it all wrong, it should be “Just Don’t”!

So this weekend I want you to think about what you should be doing, think about what you are doing and want to do and learn to dismiss the negativity.

Don’t – is the new Do!


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