So what now?

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If you have read the last weeks posts there was a common theme.

I looked at fear and what fear means to us, how it stops us, how it cripples us and ultimately beats us.

So today – go out and buy a pair of Nikes

Yip that’s the answer.

Make sure you wear these shoes every single day so the next time you hang your head in self doubt and are looking down at your feet feeling sorry for yourself remember the brand of shoes you are wearing and their slogan!

“Just do it!”

It is that simple.

When you have doubt – go on and do it.

When you think you are going to fail – go and do it.

When you don’t think you will close the deal – go and do it.

As soon as you get your mindset into the do it way – don’t stop there – keep on doing it.

Remember – if you ever think it’s time to stop – you haven’t got there yet so carry on and do it.

The bottom line is that winners do it , losers don’t

You are not a loser.


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