What is wrong with the World?

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We are angry, confused, sharing non-truths and generally just messed up.

The last 24 months have caused this.

The problem, like fire, is this spreads quickly and far.

We are becoming sheeple – and sharing the tidbits we have gleaned while scrolling on our phones or social pages.

The problem however is not the world.

The problem is you!

Yip – you are the single problem in all that is wrong.

Sounds harsh?

Well think about it.

If you read and share the fake-news, are you are causing the problem?

If you eat the sweet sugar foods, Will you crave more more?

If you stop working because others are doing it, will you become lazy?

Sound correct? Well it should!

The thing you need to do now (as we come out of the holiday period) is start to think again.

For yourself and what you need to do, not what you are being told to do or reading what you should do.

Stop consuming and start thinking again.

Stop blaming and start planning.

The message here – Start!


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