Can you grow collaboratively?

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Carrying on from yesterday, identify opportunities to grow and then allocating groups of your team to learn and tackle these as a team.

If you have or know someone that has, studied an MBA, one of the components is working together with other students on a project to deliver it towards your marks.

So why not get people to work together to learn something that can then be brought into your organisation?

Basically, the thinking is to bring in external references or training in order to achieve this.

Here is the scenario – You ask or tell your team to do something. Does it happen?


Bring in an outsider to train or run a course or activity and guess what happens.

They listen, learn (and hopefully, apply).

I would love to chat to you about what it is you are hoping to achieve and how to help you and your team get there.

Remember, training is only 10% knowledge and 90% actually applying this to the job.


So behaviour training is actually what you are hoping to achieve. The behaviour that will be learnt or passed on will be about changing the behaviour of the team as individuals but also as a collective unit.


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