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Yesterday I wrote about authenticity.

I put a couple of points forward – but thought I should expand a bit.

  1. Read yesterday’s points again then continue :
  2. Don’t tolerate other people’s crap! Don’t just swallow the stuff they spewing – walk away and stay away – you start to smell like sh*t if you hang around with sh*t!
  3. Be Frank! The one thing people know when they deal with me is I am frank and blunt – I don’t have time to dance around and tip toe – if I want to dance I go to a club.
  4. Are the topics you chatting about real? Talking for the sake of it – is chit chat – be real and talk about real things- a pretend persona is no different from the soap opera stuff on TV which is the most fake stuff in the world.
  5. Be you and think for you – don’t just accept what people tell you and then regurgitate it – think for yourself, speak for yourself and then back yourself!
  6. Stop giving a sh*t! Yip – this takes time/age/experience – but basically if you can realise the fact that the opinons,saying and observations of others are not importnat to you and not truly care; you have achieved this point! If you don’t buy the brands you “have to” wear the shades you “supposed to” and be in the car you “need to” – you have realised what it truly means to be real!

There is only one you, be you!


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