Rock bottom is a solid foundation!

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Clean clear water flowing over smooth brown rocks

Hitting rock bottom is not a bad thing. You see not only can you not go any further down (unless you have dynamite or heavy duty drilling equipment) but rock is a solid foundation and this is critical to build big structures.

No I haven’t gone crazy, well not yet.

People often say “It can’t get any worse” or “I’m at the very bottom”.

Where I could argue and show you people and situations probably a lot worse I’m saying let’s turn it around.

Turn this into a good strong start.

Take the dreams and aspirations and now that you are at the very beginning of your new journey set a solid foundation and start to build.

It’s not easy but that’s not what it’s about.

Build up brick by brick and eventually you won’t be able to see the ground anymore.

Start afresh build a foundation and grow.


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