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We spend a lot of time going to events and presentations. The problem is recall.

Everyone walks out feeling inspired and motivated – but when you wake up the next day most of it is gone and by the end of the month pretty much all of it.

So, how do we harness and make an impact on the candidates.

Simple – wash, rinse, repeat

Yip – create habits and ensure there is training and ongoing revists.

We can’t change behaviour by attending an event – we do so by putting what we hear and learn into practise.

I did a time management course (3 hours I think) and left with that “ah-ha” feeling.

4 months later and I was still time poor!


Its simple – I listened and heard but never reaffirmed or practiced.

The compound effect of doing the same thing over and over bit by bit each day is what really makes the impact.

So for all of you involved in training or teaching – let’s book a session and let me help you make your training even more impactful.


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