When it counts

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We all have a powerful inner self.

We have the ability to do incredible things when put into extraordinary circumstances.

It’s amazing what we can do when it is a life or death situation.

If you can learn to harness this inner super power you will be able to do incredible things.

How many times have you worked through the night without sleep or food to meet a deadline?

Think of more extreme examples – if you are in a desert with no water and no food and its a 4 day walk – you have two choices – walk or die. People have survived under rubble from catastrophes for over a week. We all have this inner ability to survive.

Those that chose to walk and push through the pain and suffering will make it.

Now does it seem so bad having to walk all the way to the refrigerator to get your own drink?

The problem for most of us is that as soon as it is uncomfortable or seems to be a task, we don’t do it.

Today the thinking needs to be – make it hurt to count!

Be uncomfortable.


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Image: Joh Steakly

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