There is no “I” in Brave

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Yesterday I spoke about being Brave or more importantly, that it is already in you.

What is important to remember on your journey to success is that those around you are there for the journey too.

You see – when you make a decision to open your own business or start a new venture, chances are there are others that will be directly and indirectly affected by this decision.

Maybe you have a family or people that depend on you?

They too need to be brave, maybe even braver as they are the ones that are coming along for a journey that may not be their choice.

My wife has stood behind, rather next to me, for many many years and has never doubted me nor made me feel like I need to second-guess my decisions.

Even though her financial security and that of our family was in my hands, I would say she was even more brave than I was.

This is important to remember when you make these decisions in life, there are others that will be affected and you need to ensure they are not only on board but they have faith in you and will be there to help you when needed.

So remember there is a difference between bravery and stupidity (There are lots of “i’s” in stupidity too).

Be Brave but Be Aware.


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