Why you should push back against authority?

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Sticking with this week’s theme of 1st principle thinking.

Everything that is not a law of nature is just a belief.

Laws and rules are not defined by nature and things we can not change.

Now I am not suggesting anarchy or rebellion against laws (this is not that kind of a post).

We tend to repeat or follow what others do or say. This is normal in today’s society. This is why people like Elon Musk do what they do!

The 1st principle of thinking makes us question this status quo.

Whatever that task at hand – if you work out the 1st principles and then build out from there you increase your chances of a successful outcome.

Coaches that are successful use this 1st principle of thinking when it comes to innovative plays on the field.

Any leader or expert can only claim to be such if they truly understand the 1st principles of that which they do and the companies that they lead.

Don’t just copy, break it down, work it out and then rebuild the best product or service you can.


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