How do you curb the urge to quit?

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The temptation to quit will be greatest before it’s time to succeed.

The above is a Chinese proverb and it is so important to understand this.

So many people give everything and put everything into a business and as it is about to succeed they quit.

There are many reasons for this. Financial pressure, family pressure, peer pressure and so on.
But the overwhelming negativity and faced with non-successful businesses make it easy to quit.

The secret; don’t!

Now I am not suggesting throwing caution (and intelligence) to the wind. If you are still trying to sell Betamax video players it is time to quit.

But if you are in a business where the research showed a need for the product or service or that there was potential based on certain metrics and you are in a bad place or not seeming to make it work, don’t quit – put the last bit of energy and resources you have into it and push through.

There are no guarantees in life but I can guarantee that in golf, a short putt never goes in the hole!

So if you are that close; don’t quit!


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