Time to see the Whole Forest!

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Photo: Zonata

We spend too much time doing and not enough planning.

We have tasks, to do lists etc. If we spent a few hours planning what we should or need to be doing it would be totally different.

Step back from the trees and have a look at the whole forest.

Being busy for busy sake is not productive. We all do it but we never do what we actually need to do.

Get a routine: I like to use a Sunday morning, when everyone is sleeping in, I get up and plan my week ahead.

There is a few benefits to this. Besides the obvious one of having a plan.

The family are asleep so I have the time without feeling guilty of working on their time and I also can enjoy my Sunday as I know what I have to do, it’s not a last minute panic and I can look forward to the week ahead as there are clear goals and directions.

The last point is don’t try do it all. If there is too much to do you will get overwhelmed and land up doing nothing.

Plan out the order of importance and then tick those off the list first. First on the List, First to get done!


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