Do you want to retire young?

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Well then this is the wrong blog for you!

Yip sorry – but if you are success crazy, money mad, love chasing and closing the deals then you are not ever looking to retire.

You see it is not about the money or wealth – retiring is dying.

I know that sounds bleak but it is what it is.

I have watched so many people that have slowed down or retired and they go from being captains of industry to captains of misery.

There is no glow in their eyes, there is no drive or excitment.

They worry about when the next meal will be served or rather what they will be doing in the day.

What are you doing today? You should already have the answer – you should have had this planned yesterday
You didn’t? Shame on you.

Being highly successful requires the always on always hunting mindset.

Have you seen how some dogs like to chase cars that drive past? Have you ever asked yourself what a dog will do if he ever catches the car he runs after every day when it drives past the house?

Well physically, he couldn’t do anything and yet he still chases it everyday.

You should be no different – no matter how much you have made or how successful you are – keep chasing – keep pursuing keep winning.

Keep doing!

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