The great thing about fear

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Image: James Dyson

Fear is awesome.

Embrace it!

I’m not talking about the fear of hanging off the edge of a building with a thin rope – thats just stupid.

I’m talking about the doubt and continual forces of negativity that you have experienced.

The fear of (I’m going to use the F word); Failure!

Fear reminds us of what we have to do.

Its frikkin scary starting a new job or business.

Nothing more scary than standing up infront of 10 000 people to present a key note, and who doesn’t get scared sitting 5 minutes before pitching to investors?

Fear is fuel.

Fill up on it, understand it, look at what the other side looks like and then kick it in the butt!

You see this journey is worthwhile as on the other side of the fear horizon are all the opposite emotions:
achievement, fulfilment, accomplishment, prosperity, etc


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