Are you an addict?

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Happy 4th of July to all my American readers.

We are an addictive species.

We all have our little sins or things that draw us onto the side of distraction.

I am addicted to inbox zero!

I need to see an empty inbox regularly if not daily!

Unfortunately – by spending time on this I am not spending time on other things.

I once had an employee tell me at the interview stage that he realises we use a lot of email but not to expect him to answer immediately. He went on to say he will respond but only does so twice a day.

At first I thought this was crazy (and career limiting) but look – 5 years later and I am writing a blog about him!

It is a great habit! Send email and read emails at certain times of the day and that is it.

Now it is also important to start training people around you to this new found nirvana.

They need to know that you will only check twice a day and need to get into your cycle (you wont be going in theirs or responding based on their expectations).

There are some other tips to help you achieve this – book a time with me and I will show you more.


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