Are you a change agent?

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The way we behave creates the world around you.

Have you ever walked down a street and thought you saw someone you knew and waved at them? Chances are they waved back.

What if they were not the person you knew ? Has this happened?

I’m sure the answer is yes. You see – its not hard to cause positive energy around you.

If you are positive it raidates off of you.

Walk into a room and smile, what happens?

Yip they smile or seem happier too, right?

When you are in a room do you gravitate to the Sulky Sally in the corner or the Happy Harry in the middle?

It’s rhetorical but you see what I am trying to show you.

I asked in the heading if you are a change agent. The answer should have been yes. If you didn’t know what that was, hopefully this explains it a bit better.

So, are you a change agent?

Be the change, make the change, make the world better, make you better with it.

Speaking of a better world – Happy Birthday Dad! 70 years young!


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