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Never let those things that matter the least get in the way of the things that matter the most.

Do me a favour and read that again – let it sink in.

Now this is where it gets hard.

Choose the 3 things that matter most to you in life.

I know you have lots of things – but this is the hard part – chose 3.

For me it is my family, success and health.

Not in any specific order as they are all important and they are my 3.

Everything I do has to work in favour of or not stop me from doing these 3 things.

An example – I will not let business get in the way of doing something important with my family. I won’t let spur of the moment or “quick-win” opportunities derail me off the path of success and in such don’t make any spur of the moment decisions that could affect this and the other important thing. The health part is easy (and hard) in that living a healthy lifestyle will take care of this but at times we slip. The fail safe for me is actually a default. By focussing on the other 2 important things in my life, family and success, I make better decisions and remove financial stress which has a direct benefit to my health.

So what are your 3 things?

Do you know how to define them?

I said this is not easy – but it is something that is critical to achieving success, whatever that measure is in your life.


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