Do you know the question to solve any problem?

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First of all bring the most pressing question into your mind. It can be anything but the one keeping you up at night.

Got it?

Here’s the answer: How are you complicit in creating the situation you don’t want?

To answer the question let us break the components down. “How are you?” – This is the blame part of the question – we like to blame others or things – it is easy for us to blame rather than the next part of the question “complicit” What did you do? Or didn’t do? What did you neglect to do or fuel the outcome of the result that you are not happy with?

Taking the first part of the question and complicit – what did you NOT (it is usually the not that is the what that causes the problems in our lives).

You didn’t do that or you neglected to do that.

The next component of the question is “create”. What did you do to create the situation you are in now? What did you say or what did you not do that caused the situation you are now in which is the problem you are faced with.

To answer the question. What are you going to do about it?

This is the action that you will take accepting that whatever it was or whatever you did or didn’t do and in such change the situation to get the outcome you actually desire.

If you can’t answer this question you are either not being honest with yourself or not asking yourself the correct question.


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