Do you know when to talk, to shut up and to listen?

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The answer is 99% of the time and no its not 99% talking.

In order to learn we need to listen.

In order to understand we need to ask but the chances of alienating someone only happens when you talk.

Now I’m not suggesting that you take a vow of silence, I am suggesting that you will learn more from listening and asking than you will from talking.

There is a part 2 to this.

When you do talk, it should be affirming or confirming everything you have learnt and asked and more so announcing these things along with acknowledging the people that you got the info from.

Hopefully this helps answer the questions.

If you read this blog everyday this should not be a suprise to you. You are here to learn something not tell me something. You are here to have questions answered not to provide answers.

This is what will help make you a better leader, listener and hopefully even more successful in your business.

Equally, I do the same thing when I am trying to find out more information that I can learn from and share with you and my customers.


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