Are you being manipulated?

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You are!

The world we live in is one based on intense attention grabbing.

Social networks, Search and media are vying for your constant attention and fear-mongering you into submission!

Our thoughts are the key drivers in melding the outputs.

Makes sense right?

Here is the scary reality! What influences your thought?

Hint: read above.

Yip – Media and all media related devices.

The stuff that you are consuming and basing your actions on (influencing your thoughts).

Once media controls your thoughts, it will eat you to the core.

As individuals,there are things we can’t control. We can’t stop world wars. We can’t change the leadership of our country, we can’t change the side of the road we drive on.

However, there are things we can control. We can control the peace and tranquility in our personal worlds and homes. We can change the leadership (or leadership style) in our homes and workplaces and we can choose whether to drive or walk and where to do so safely.

The point is to focus on what we can do rather than what we are being brainwashed into believing we can’t or shouldn’t do.

Take control of everything in your direct control and the world around you will seem to morph or blend into the one you want; consume the toxic drivel shared on social media and junk posts or news articles and the opposite will be your fate.


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