It’s not a Blessing or Luck; It’s Hard F#@king Work!

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People say “how lucky he is” or “how blessed she is”. Luck probably has something to do with it but it’s not the beginning nor end of success. If you go to gym and train and eat properly 7 days a week you WILL see results. You will never be lucky or blessed with a 6-pack (unless a mate buys you one from the bottle store). Hard work and commitment pays off more often than not. The lucky or blessed is what people may see or the successful person’s humility makes us think they are lucky. You see most great and successful people will tell you that they were lucky or fortunate to have been in the right place at the right time etc etc. They will tell you they had the love and support of friends and family. Some of them will however be brutally honest and tell you; It’s Hard Work!

Actually F#@king Hard Work!

Think about winning the Lottery, no effort there, buy a ticket, wait, see if you win. Someone does win (eventually) this is luck. There was nothing they could do to influence the outcome, they didn’t work harder than anyone else, they didn’t put in longer hours at the office, they just bought a ticket.

Now think of the best athletes in the world, they didn’t buy a ticket. They got up while everyone was still sleeping and they trained, they worked hard whether it was raining, sunshine, hot or cold. They also don’t all succeed! This is life. I could add in that they were also lucky. They were lucky they had parents that also woke up early to take them to training. They are lucky they have partners who understand they have to go away on tours and leave them behind. This is luck or being blessed, but it is NOT the reason they succeeded. They were lucky enough to have natural ability and through hard work they achieved their goals.

If you believe you can make it and you believe you will be successful, work hard, f#@king hard and hopefully you will achieve that which you set out to do.

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