Are you getting the wrong advice?

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Make it or fake it!

Probably the worst advice you could have ever have received.

I have often “winged” a presentation – the difference though, is that I knew what I was talking about, I wasn’t faking anything except the over-confidence or the fact that i was prepared.

Once you can learn the difference between not knowing something and faking it or knowing something and winging it – you will soon see the difference in how you present to customers and your team.

I mentioned I have winged it a few times, and would be happy to share some of these hair-raisers with you , including the fact that one of my staff members refuses to get in a car with me again, but – I also need to share an important fact too:

I am the first person to say “I don’t know the answer to that – I will ask the team and revert!”

The respect you will get from your audience is priceless!

You see we are not expected to know or be an expert on everything – but we are expected to be authentic and honest.


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