Always on but not necessarily by You

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Photo: Denny’s Twitter

In this modern day there is the expectation of an almost immediate response to phone and email 24/7 by our clients.

The secret is that it doesn’t have to be by YOU!

Set up automated responses, Chat-bots or if you can afford it, a team. Remember that clients want answers but don’t necessarily want them from you. More often than not you are probably not the best to answer anyway.

Here is an example: If you selling a property the person handling the transfer will know more than you do as it’s their job. Chances are you are going to point the client to them anyway so why not encourage them to contact them directly. If something is going to be handled by someone else, a contractor or a staff member then encourage the engagement to be directly with them.

Lead your business don’t run it.

The thinking here is that we are all time poor. Why would you want to be involved in things you can’t really add value to? Don’t! The biggest fail we make in our businesses is micro-managing and making sure we are “on-top-of-everything”. Guess what; You’re not. You see you can’t have time to do things when you too busy doing things for everyone else.

Learn to let people deal with and communicate with those that are going to be the ones to ultimately help them. All you need to do is ask how it is going or what the outcome was.

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