People are the best they can be.

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A realization that will help you understand dealing with people is that everything that bothers you with how a person behaves or responds is actually on you!

You see, people can only do or be what they are capable of.

If you have an expectation or desire as to how they should behave this is an imprint in your mind as opposed to how they actually behave or act.

A question: “ Would you discipline a child of 8 years old for not being able to write a mathematical algorithm like those in trigonometry?”

You can’t because they don’t have the capacity to do so.

Equally, if someone does or behaves the way they do, this is them being them.

You don’t have to like it or even approve of it – the fact is though you can’t get angry at them for it as it is just who and what they are.

In order to get what you need from people. Don’t seek for what you want but rather for people that do and behave the way you need them too not want them to.


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