How to be a GOAT!

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Image: The Verge

Trust me you want to be a GOAT.

The Greatest of All Time.

With the sports analogies of the week I thought to look at fine tuning even further.

Today we need to look at the worst invention of all time; the speed bump.

We have all been flying down the road and there it is. A small little piece of asphalt that makes us go from 60 to 20.
We have a choice. We can carry on at full speed (and probably take off) or we can slow.

Most of you will obey right?

This isn’t about doing what everyone else does!

Please remember this is an analogy. I am not suggesting that you ramp your car over a speed bump.

I’m talking about you and your business.

If you have a goal or on a mission don’t let anything get in your way.

Keep your head down and aim for the finish line.

Only look up when you are across the line.


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