Drive for Show…..

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Photo: GolfTEC

And Putt for the Dough!

If you are a Golfer you know this to be the Mantra of all Golfing Mantras.

But it’s an important principle when it comes to your business too.

If you not a golfer or you have never heard this – let me explain.

An average Golf hole is Par 4 – this means you are trying to finish the hole in 4 shots or less. The first shot you hit is with a driver or a long iron. The idea is to hit the ball as far as possible.

The problem; if you hit it wrong, you hit it as far wrong as possible and that makes the remainder of the hole really difficult. So the saying is that you drive for show (If you hit it long and good that’s great) but the money shot, or for the win is normally only couple of feet!

Business is exactly the same.

Chose the one thing that makes the big deals happen (40% of the game is won by the 1m putt ) and work on it until it’s perfect.

Then look at what’s next and start working on that but still find time to keep working or maintaining the original important lever. The hinge that swings the big deals.

The thinking for today is do what you do well and do what is required to close the deals and then while working on the other components, keep working on the money shot too!


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