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Yesterday I spoke about moulding teams and people.

There is a distinction that I should have taken into consideration.

Are these new and inexperienced people or are they professionals or people with a lot of experience and wins?

You see the importance of this consideration is that although the goal of the company doesn’t change; the way you lead and manipulate the member most definitely does.

Let’s start with the new or fresh out of school bunch. They have potential but no experience. They have probably not failed yet and have not “been there, done that, got the t-shirt”.

So they are looking to create a name for themselves – not be a cog in your wheel.

In order to harness and retain this type of talent you really need to know what will motivate them and their interests and beliefs in life (I have spoke about this previously).

This is hard work but it will allow you to mould these people into what you want them to be and therefore set them on a path that suits your desires, plans and outcomes.

For the seasoned professional, the opposite is true.

These are people that have kicked goals, they have a few t-shirts in their closets.

They are joining your company for very different reasons and where I am not going to go into those today, the importance of understanding that these are people that know what needs to be done, they therefore have their own way of doing things.

In order to get these types of teams to work together you have to take their collective individual skills and map them into the roles and plans of the company.

Trying to teach or mould these people will be difficult as they know what has to be done and because they have done it before want to keep doing it the way they do.

So don’t try change them, embrace this and develop ways that you can harness this for your benefit.


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