Do you know that bravery is part of you not something you acquire?

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To run your own business is one of the bravest things you can do!

Surely it is easier to sit at a desk and earn a pay cheque, right?

Isn’t it much easier to work for someone and wait for the instruction of what you need to do?

I am not downplaying being an employee.

In fact I can guarantee you that there are many many employees out there that earn more money than the GDP of some small countries!

But this is not why you read this every day.

You have taken the brave move to be your own boss and shape your own path.

You are the one who doesn’t want to build someone else’s dream but rather your own.

You like to be the conducter not the drummer.

You get it!

Well let me remind you; you are one of the bravest people out there!

My path to being an Entrepreneur was cast out of necessity, not choice.

Do I regret it? Hell No!

Would I have chosen it? Probably not!

Is it the bravest thing I have ever done?

Hell Yeah!

Is it the scariest thing I have ever done? No question(And I have been a victim of an armed robbery)!

Would I change it? No way!

You see, it doesn’t matter why you do what you do, it’s that you do it!

Nike invites you to do something, we are already doing it!

Our slogan is : Done it!


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