Forget your goals

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Let me clarify this.

We all have goals. Setting goals is good and even essential.

You can’t get from A to B without them.

The problem with goals is that if we don’t achieve them or can’t attain them all we are doing is creating pain for ourselves.

If you link your happiness and success to the goal attainment – then I have news for you – the your goals and desires are the single source of your pain and suffering.

The secret is to let go of these goals.

So, how do we achieve if we don’t aim to achieve that which we are hoping to achieve?

Head hurting?

It’s actually quite simple – enjoy what you are doing while you are working towards the goal.

This is different from doing everything to achieve the goal.

We may not be here tomorrow, so if you focus on the present then you are fulfilling the goal of the day.

The cliché of the journey is part of the holiday comes into play here – enjoy the ride.

If you have been to Disneyland you will know that the ride is only a few minutes but you stand in a queue for an hour.

The queue is part of the ride, there are scenes and interactions, back drops etc. If you take it all in the hour is not wasted but enjoyed.

Growth is about the now – growing every day and being better every day should be the goal; the future, the reward.


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Image: Heather Quisel

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