You are the company

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Image: Tyas Handayani

Everyone talks about being part of something.

The members of a team or the employees of a business etc.

By just changing this slightly we should be talking about being the team or being the company.

You see no one wants to just be a cog in the wheel. People want to be the wheel.

This applies for the sole proprietor too. You don’t run the business, you are the business. A Doctor is a great example of this. He or she is the actual practice. They don’t work there. They are there.

By adopting this mindset you create ownership. Employees are labeled as salary earners. They just come to work to do their job and then leave. If you expect them to behave this way, guess what? They will

If they believe they are part of the business then they will own what they do and in such productivity and output will increase too.


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