What to do when plans go wrong

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Before they do – let’s look at what we can try do to avoid this.

The idea is to always focus on the goal – but not to the detriment of possible opportunities or to be able to ride some storms.

Think about getting from the top of a hill to the bottom.

You can’t just aim for straight down!

You have to take the rocks and trees into consideration and go around them.

I promise that if you try go straight for the bottom, you probably wont make it.

It’s no different in business.

If you have to pivot (boy did 2020 teach us this technique), Pivot!

Sometimes our plans just don’t go to plan.

This is not failure. This is Life!

The planning is the important part – plan to achieve that which you want to, then go with the plan with a non-rigid path.

Do not give up when it doesn’t go to plan, change the direction.


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