Want to go faster?

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Then learn to relax.

You see when you tense up your muscles or clench your jaw you are actually directing energy to the wrong muscles.

There is a famous golfer, Ernie Els, who was known as the “Big Easy”. This is not because he was slack or sluggish.

It was because he was relaxed. He was relaxed in the setup right through to the end of the swing. If you ever watched Ernie drive a ball, believe me, there was nothing sluggish about how far it flies!

Think about this in your professional life.

When you are stressed or under deadline delivery pressure your body is tense. You are wound up and strung out.

This means you will not be efficient. Your body is using energy in the wrong ways. Instead of using your energy on negative outputs, relax and redirect it to the task at hand.

Relax to go faster – trust me it works.

I have been using a neuroscience gadget called APOLLO which helps the body re-learn how to heal itself and destress for relaxing and sleep – you can get one here if you feel that you need some help in relaxing and resetting your body.


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