Taking responsibility for you part 4 of 5

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Failure, Rejection and Defeat.

Looks like I just lost the plot!

Life is a swing – for every high, there is probably a lot of lows.

Reward requires risk.

I am not talking financial here – the risk of failure.

By taking a chance and stepping into an uncomfortable or unfamiliar zone the risk may be worth the reward.

Until you change your mindset and jump in with both feet – you will not achieve that which you really desire.

You have to risk what you currently have in order to achieve what you actually want.

Again, don’t go so far out on the ledge that if it breaks everything falls down and causes harm to you and your family.

I’m talking about calculated and thought out risk that would return an amazing reward and lifestyle.

You see a lot of us aren’t prepared to to risk our life that we are living for the one that we deserve.

When I lost my job I was forced into starting my own business.

I was 28 at the time and that’s the last job I have ever had. I have had a few businesses and partnerships and some have worked and some have failed, but in tru Deliaf spirit, I picked myself up and started again (and again).

It was the risk that I took that put me on the journey I am now on and continue to follow.


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