Is it really luck?

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A lot of famous and more so, successful people will often attribute luck to their success.

But is it really luck or are they all just being polite so we don’t feel so bad that they are so successful and we are not?

Maybe the question is are we all looking in the right place?

Are we doing the same thing that successful people are doing?

You see – I think we all have luck on our side – the difference is that we don’t all know how to see when that moment is staring at us.

We all start off the same way – circumstances will play a role in what happens in our future but if you unpack it – how many famous and successful people started off with nothing?

You see maybe its the hunger or fact you were not lucky enough to be born into a rich family or lucky enough to get an inheritance that makes these people who and what they are?

You see while you are searching for luck or a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, others are harvesting and harnessing what is in front of them!


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