You are Stupid if you Stop Leaning!

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Photo: The Revolution Hour

Our problem is that as we get older or wiser we think we know everything.

This action actually prevents us from learning.

A child can take in and learn so much because they are, well, learning.

The biggest sin we can commit is to rob ourselves of the potential to learn.

If you are at a social event or a conference try this.

Stop talking and start listening. Even if you are knowledgeable on a topic, remain quiet. It is actually quite refreshing. I guarantee you will learn something you didn’t know.

Things are changing at incredible speeds and keeping up to date with the latest and greatest is rather challenging if not impossible.

I have heard so many people tell me they don’t need to learn “x” as it’s not something they will ever use or do. They have stopped reading their industry newsletter as it is all about the new ways of doing things and that they are happy with how they have and always will do things.

Sound familiar?

This is a sin and these people are stupid. In order to be relevant in this world we need to be up to date and the only way to do that is to constantly learn.

Too many people let their brains get lazy. This muscle is no different to your biceps or abs. If you don’t exercise it it gets weak and lazy. The benefits of good mental stimulation will see you well in your career and into your older years too.

You must learn something new everyday, if you don’t you wasted a day!


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