How wealthy are you?

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Your answer will depend on whether you actually understood the question.

Am I talking about the amount of money you have or how healthy you are?

Let me expand on the second part further:

How healthy are your relationships?

It was my wedding anniversary yesterday so I am very healthy and I still have a good and strong marriage after all this time and with everything that has been thrown at us – so I am more wealthy than Gates and Bezos combined.

How wealthy are you?

I will use Steve Jobs as a reference here.

Incredible businessman, super successful and respected (and hated too).

But, with all his money and status and everything else, he died from a disease.

A disease that can kill you if you are rich or poor.

I know this is Friday and I normally have uplifting and happy posts so that you can go away over the weekend and think about it – but this actually is one of those posts.

I want you to look around at what you have (or worse what you don’t).

I am not talking about money. I’m talking about your family and your friends.

I’m talking about your health and your lifestyle.

True wealth is actually in the love, health and relationships you have.

Don’t get me wrong, without money life can be difficult, believe me I know this both from personal experience and that of my clients and friends.

However, think back to Steve: Do you think he was wealthy?

The answer, is no!

He was rich and financially set for 30 lifetimes, but in reality he was not wealthy and didn’t even have one full lifetime!

Once you can reassess the purpose of money and the driver behind getting it along with the costs associated in gaining it (and I’m talking about relationships and emotions here not actual costs) then you can decide how wealthy you truly are.

So hopefully this is still a positive post for you to ponder over the weekend and reassess your wealth.

Phone a mate and say “Hi!”, Kiss your partner on the forehead randomly and give your kid a big hug and squeeze – this is priceless and worth more than every single Dollar out there.


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