Time to upgrade your team part 1 of 2

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How do you let someone go who is doing a good job?


Well, once you remove the human component.

You see it is never easy to let someone go, even harder when they are doing a good job. So why are we having this chat?

Well, I have a client who has someone working for them who has done a good job over the last few years but the company needs to grow and he is not the right person to take them to the next step.

He is battling with the decision and even worse, he already has the replacement lined up and is now scared of losing that person if he doesn’t act quickly.

(If the person needed to be exited for negative reasons, this is a separate chat all together).

Let’s look at sports for a second.

If the Captain of the team has done a good job over the years but lately is not performing or getting the team to do what it needs to to start winning again do you get rid of the team or the captain?

Business is no different – this decision is not because the person has done a bad job, but rather that they can’t do what is required moving forward.

The part that does need to be done carefully and considerably is the HOW!

Pull the person in to the office and give them the choice.

Explain the situation to them and then let them decide if they want to resign rather than be let go. Let them chose what the narrative is as this will not only help them save some face with their colleagues but potentially set them up for their next position too.

The how is the most important part of this action – you have already identified the need and the action (why and what).


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