Taking responsibility for you part 3 of 5

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Want the best investment in the market?

It’s not Bitcoin, Facebook or Apple.

It’s You!

You need to invest time and money into yourself.

Spend money and time on you.

Although I am grateful that you read this everyday you need to do more and most importantly you need to pay for it!

Its a funny trait – when you spend money – you tend to do or study or work on what you have spent money on.

I charge my clients for time they spend with me. Why?

Its simple – they expect to get value from their time with me and so I need to invest time into preparing for their sessions and strategies. This is time I take away from myself and my growth, my family and what I would like to be doing.

But that’s your job Brett! I hear you say

It is – and like you – I don’t work for free either.

So, if you truly want a better you, invest in one.

Now this does not mean just a nice hair cut or a fake pair of boobs! Invest in you

Invest in your personal growth.

Invest in your knowledge.

Invest in your time-management

Get a business or life-coach

This is the only true investment as there is only one you.


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