The Success Disease!

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When you win you become complacent.

This is not school, we are not “All Winners” – I must just state now how much I hate this philosophy and look forward to the day the schools stop it and go back to teaching kids that there is a winner and losers.

We are in a real, hard and competitive world, we are not all winners and guess what? It doesn’t matter if you had fun doing it or that you tried your best. The reality is that there is only one winner. No one has fun not winning the new account or watching a multi-million dollar deal go to someone else.

However, the goal is to be a winner not to just to win – you win an event or a race or a new piece of business – but you are a winner if you continue to win or strive for success.

It is important to remember and understand this difference.

When you are at the top – the wolves will come for you. Make sure that you are always on your “A game” or you will fall all the way back down.

Remember that sometimes being knocked off the “perch” is not a bad thing either. Take the knocks to motivate you to work harder and regain the top spot.


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