How to slap a crisis in the face part 2 of 5?

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Yesterday I spoke about crisis and that it has always been here and will be here in the future too.

It is easy to just freeze and not take the necessary action.

The other problem is that there are a lot of people spreading negativity – thanks to media and always-connected communications – the fearmongers share doom and gloom all day long; hey bad news sells.

Unfortunately for most – this becomes their outlook. They take it in and it consumes them.

Hanging out with negative people is no different – but not as effective as the transmission of mass news.

Humans are attracted to negativity – it is just how we are engineered.

This negativity is designed to keep you hooked – so that you “follow the story” and then they have your attention and can sell you stuff through advertising.

You have heard the saying – add fuel to the fire? Well, this is what the media does – they amplify the negativity and as such we are constantly exposed to negative stories and happening.

I have stopped watching the news as it is an evil source of information.

Don’t get me wrong, I know what is going on – but I read it and I choose my source – by not watching or hearing I get to control the consumption of news and as such if the headline is negative I don’t continue reading unless I have to for any predetermined reason.

If you can reduce the amount of outside negativity you will be able to handle crisis better as you are not already in a fight or flight status but rather in a receptive and prepared one.


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