Get rid of them!

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This whole week I have been speaking about moulding people into your company or how to lead and grow people for the good of the company – to conclude the thinking and this mini-series as such you need to realise one last important thing.

Life is short so don’t waste a minute of it with people that have no value to you!

Now – this is not about money – this is about your personal wealth.

We all have “those” people in our lives that when we spend time with them we are wishing we could be somewhere else. This could be a childhood friend, a work colleague or even family.

It doesn’t matter who they are you need to get rid of them.

Normally Friday’s are positive and upbeat I hear you saying – well this is no different.

You see, if you cut out the negativity in your life, there can only be positive and upbeat feelings.

If you spend time with people that warm your soul then you are spiritually fulfilled.

If you spend time working with people that inspire you and make you want to be better at your job you will have success and with that wealth.

So you see its actually quite simple – be with and do with those that you want to be with.

The average person has about 3700 weeks in their lives – if you are 36 you have used half of these already!

Don’t waste anymore.


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