Stop trying to find yourself

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It’s probably a bit late to say “Happy New Year” as we are around the corner from February! But untila Australia Day our year doesn’t really kick into gear!

Last year I recommended using the down-time to plan and reflect for 2022. I hope you used the time wisely and productively.

So today I thought I would advise that it is time to stop!

Stop trying to0 find yourself that is.

You realise you are not lost, right?

You know exactly where you are and at this moment so do I(reading this right)?

You need to evolve or mold yourself – not find yourself.

Too many people go on journeys looking for themselves. What a waste of time.

We are constantly changing- there is no one you!

Every day, week, month or year you are different.

Mentally, physically and probably in belief structure too.

When you study and consume learnings, you evolve – this would make you a different person from who you were before. Agree?

So don’t worry about what you did, create the present and shape your future.

Remember you become what you are, you did not find who you were.

Stop searching and waiting for the great enlightenment. Spend the time creating you and where you want to go and be.

It really is that easy.

Here is to the best you, you will be, in 2022.


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