What separates the dreamer from the doer?

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Why do two people have the same wishes desires and dreams yet one gets them and the other doesn’t?

Simple – one DID and the other DID NOT.

Fear of failure (Used the F word…) will be the main reason why most people won’t get what they want.

If you want something, go get it!

What is the worst that can happen?

Live your life regretting the things you did not the things you didn’t.

Heard about the 1%?

These are the people that actually DID.

The last consideration, if you are going to do, then actually do it!

Don’t test it out or see how it could be – jump in with everything.

You can’t bake a chocolate cake without chocolate – so without the chocolate all the other ingredients will give you a vanilla cake, it is a cake but not the chocolate one you actually wanted.

Ok – now I want chocolate cake!


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